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Building the Brand
Our expertise in brand development has led to the creation of a new AirWick range of air fresheners.
The designs utilize state-of-the-art technology and set a new benchmark for automotive air fresheners.
The AirWick brand is sold in more than 60 countries and is No.1 in its category across the top 20 world markets.

Bigtrack Jr
Retro Toys!
We really enjoyed working on this 80’s retro toy. Our attention to detail and precision engineering lead to this upgraded mini version being a great success at retail. The production window was short but all 10,000 pcs were shipped to their worldwide destinations on time.
Bigtrack Jr

Royal Air Force
The Hawk Display exists to demonstrate the professional excellence of the RAF and promote recruitment. We created a new livery to complement both aircraft and display. The livery has proved so popular they are running it for a second year, something that has never been done before.
Air Force

Sonic Action Figure
Our ability to react quickly time after time allows us to realise what many others consider to be impossible.
Sega’ decision to promote Sonic’s latest video game adventure with articulated 4” action figures was only made possible because of our ability to develop and ship an on-cost solution in record time.

Foot Pump
Michelin demand only ‘best in class’ products reach retail. Many months of extensive development and testing must first be carried out and only once products are approved can manufacure begin. The foot pump range still delivers ‘best product’ year on year into international markets.
Foot Pump

Prime Time TV
Producing a cost effective range of mini action figures to coincide with
the successful TV series was a challenge we accepted and delivered on. Our extensive knowledge of high quality ICTI factories all over Asia gives us the ability to adapt to individual client requirements.

Bottling System
The new Viverau enviromentally friendly bottling system required a unique visual statement at the front of house to promote this greener alternative for serving water in the world’s millions of restraunts, bars and meeting rooms. Our unique bottle and stopper design lead to an astonshing take up of the system with many subscribers world wide including
The White House.

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